There is so much that needs to be said: “Black” over the last 2000 years

I am a friend and lover of the righteous, of the True believers in the Most High Creator, and of those that are able to look past the religious mandates given to them, who are capable of making their own decisions, and who love the truth. All that I write below is about my heritage, and is not a critique of good men and women throughout history. Above all else, I serve One Sustainer Creator, who created the entire world. My heritage is one thing, but I will ALWAYS be a supporter of the believers, no matter what Nation or Country or blood is in their veins. Likewise, even if you share blood with me, but you are evil, you are an enemy to me. For that, if you choose to be so, you are also an enemy of Truth, Virtue, and the Creator, due to your desire to control, manipulate, and over power those who are seeking the truth.

Please understand, I am not being critical. One of the most beautiful things about being alive and a part of mankind is that we have the ability to decide what we want to believe, read, hear, and accept. I’m not trying to scare you into my faith base system or into changing what you got going on. I’m only here to cause you to question what you hold as dear and sacred, and to let you know for certain that there are things that you are completely in the dark about. At the end of the day it is your life, your belief, your faith, your acceptance, and your actions that mankind and The Creator are going to judge you on.

If this effects my political ambitions, so be it. I am not here to be a politician, but to do everything that I can to change the world for the better, to create a society of peace, and to give my sons and family a future worth living in. Today, the world needs change, and one of those changes is to understand that the history and teaching we have been exposed to are tools of oppression against mankind, not just to “Black” people. The Truth of many things are beginning to trickle out to society, and they range from science, to government, to religion, politics, to the identity of certain groups of people, and to the Truth about the direction of the future of mankind.

Accept it or not, this is something I have to get off my chest before it explodes.

We are a people, descendent from other people WHO were doing things that were evil to their own kind, and who were doing things that they were told not to. It is a Law of Nature that there are consequences to actions. The consequences of the actions of our ancestors was the enslavement and the persecution of their off-spring. At that time they created a world where deceit and evil reigned, and where they lost their moral compass. It was our ancestors who created the framework that these evil people today use to enslave the entire earth. The elders, prophets, and messengers who came to our people literally told them EXACTLY what would happen if they violated their own lives, rules, and conditions. Just like now, our family then, were hard headed and truly unappreciative of the warning that they received, and literally killed most of those that talked to them. When the wise men tried to teach them about Natural Laws and Morality, they laughed at them and told them to kick rocks. Just as it was written, those people did what they did, and the outcome of their lives were what they were.

The idea of global enslavement, or lending at interest, of worshiping governments and money was NOT from the Europeans. The Europeans did exactly what the teachers told the ancestors they would. They literally erased our memories of our great heritage, they called us “by-words” that would get us to call us out of our own names. They took away our language, culture, and history and replaced it with their supremacy doctrines. All of the Nations, that would later form the “western” countries came together out of fear that one day we would rise and wake up to our conditions and said “let us erase them and replace them as a nation”, and another group of these people were moved into our lands. To make matters far worse, even the neighbors of our lands were captivated, intermixed with, and given a pagan religion in conjunction with their former pagan religions. So what we have today is a lie, build on a lie, build on a concept of government, built on a lie of religion, build on a forgotten history. So when you personally show your anger toward the Creator, and when you blame that Creator for the conditions of our Earth, you are actually playing into your adversaries’ hands. The only way, and I mean this with might and certainty, we will ever rise as a people is when we stop placing blame on The Most High, when we take matters of faith and concepts of our downfall into our own hands, and when we return to a culture and society building in a way of living in line with the Natural Laws and the Laws of Building family – The Law of Moses (10 commandments). We have to accept the righteous tenant of faith dictated in the Qur’an, and by the Messiah, and stop allowing the media, and the religions, and the government to dictate what we think about them. There is no other way, and the straight path is not dependent on you accepting it or not. There is a way out of these conditions, there is a way of changing the world, our history, and our earthly enslavement and it starts with US!

Europeans were only able to enslave and destroy our people because we were already forgetful of who we are, and what we are alive to do. They are not totally and completely evil, but it is their philosophies, their ideologies, that glorify profit in monetary worlds over the glory of social love and interaction. This is not totally true in a generalize way, and many of them are our allies in creating a new world. They see that they are priveledged, they see our plight, and they too do not like the injustice, so it would be foolish to blame the whole lot of them for this. No one alive no was part of our ancestor’s enslavement, although the society is based on it, thus we cannot seek revenge against them out of hate and ignorance. The reason why they do so little to change our condition is because we have done so little to change our own conditions. Once we inform them that we are dedicated to Truth and to Creation, rather than destruction and evil, when they know that we will not be seeking revenge, then they will support our cause. At least I pray as such. The fundamental platform of racism is rooted in fear of loss, in fear of change, and fear of being treated how our ancestors were once treated. It is our responsibility, since we understand the evil of oppression to be warriors against ANY oppression and protectors of life. I fully believe that this is why the Children of Jacob were born.

No. Being Black doesn’t mean that we are a bad seed. We are not bad. No person in the world is born “bad”. We CHOOSE to be bad throughout our lives, by our actions and our thoughts. We make wickedness prevail in this world by tacitly, or openly accepting, the evil of the world.

Who is Jesus? There was never a man known as such until 325AD. The name of the Messiah was Yahawsha. His name literally mean Yahawah Saves, as in Yahwah, the name of the Most high. That Name means “He (Yah) Hawa (Lives eternally). Jesus is a concoction of lies told to us by worshipers of idols, based on the pagan myths of Ancient Babylon, Misr (Egypt), and Greece (Rome). All of the religions of the world were created to break people into different ideological groups, which further pushed people away from their strong nations and social/family bonds. These divisions were the platform by which the evil people of the world initiated their control systems on us. The Actual Messiah, Ahmad (Muhammad to the Arabs), and Moses, as well as all the Israelite leaders (David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hezekiah, Ezekiel…. etc) warned us about this entire process. The last 2000 years, and for a huge strong part, the last 500 years (400 in America) have been a test for our people and a learning lesson that will last for the next 1000 years.

So, the question may beg, why did all of this happen and why are we going through this is the Most High is actually loving and actually here to support us? Elementary my dear Watson. How can someone who denies the truth, seek it? How can someone seeking a way out of the darkness with the light make it if they are not willing to carry the torch of light? They can’t. We are a people that continue to be angry at the Most High Almighty for the laws that were created. He is a Personal Creator, that set in place impersonal Laws, Laws that never change, in order for us to find the path to peace and growth. That path of peace and growth has never, will never, and can never change. It is the foundation of Morality, of Justice, and is laced with the glory of responsibility. In a second I’ll be sure to outline that in an easy way for you.

As for fear! How could you not fear a power, the only power in the existence of anything that willed you into existence that spoke life into your body, and gave you the tools to perceive and work in this world? How could you deny the blessing of life, given by that power, and then say that you are not concerned of it. I can hear you now, pissed off that I am saying this stuff. I am NOT talking about a religion here, because I do not follow the rules and statutes of men. I don’t care about doctrines and dogmas or about the rules that Popes, pastors, Imams and Scholars create. That does not mean that I am not in accordance with the Law of Nature, of Nation building, and of sustaining life. You can read this as if I am trying to convert you to a religion, you can view this from a standpoint of hate, fear, or whatever other mental vice you like. I am not attempting to do that, but I am attempting to set straight your mind that is so full of anger towards other nations, to your Creator, that you have lost touch with the ultimate reality. IT IS YOU that is responsible for YOUR beliefs. If you let the ills of domination trick you into hating the Most High, that is your problem and when you suffer the consequences of your action, not only will you not be able to say you haven’t been warned, but so will the other readers.

And take this as a warning. There are consequences for your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and inaction. And only you are to be blamed for what you allow yourself to be trick into.

Many of Us “Black” people (this is a by-word that doesn’t define or correctly identify or nation) are actually the Children of Jacob, of the Nation of Israel. We suffered the curses and conditions of this world up until this time ONLY because we HAD to learn the outcomes of the violation of our National Laws, and the Laws of Nature, of Morality and Righteous action. The Creator NEVER leaves the righteous alone, and if there are things that are allowed to happen to those believers, then there are harsh consequences for the foolish that harm them. He is forgiving, merciful, no matter what we think. We had to come into the future as the meek and downtrodden, so that we would become warriors against the tyranny of mankind. We are here to reestablish a world of Peaceful interaction, with Justice, with responsibility for our actions. We are here to rebuild a world that has been sunk into the abyss of immorality, of deceit and hate, and of evil. We were warned about this struggle through our past history and ancestors. We were told that we would forget who we are, that we would be taken by ships to a far off land, and that we would be scattered all over the world, like sands scattered on the beach. We were told that when the time was right, that we would be raised up back into knowledge, despite all of the evil’s methods of control. We were told that we had to return to the Law, both Nation and Natural, and that we would have to accept the Truth given to other nations that confirmed our books. We were given our books, of Law, of history, and of the proverbs and Psalms, so that we would connect the dots to our future. The Messiah came to confirm the truth, and to let us know not to worship him or any other men, but to hold the Most High and his Truth in our hearts at all times. But now, most of us worship “Jesus”, the governments of our oppression, the religions of our downfall which are mockeries of the truth. We have been worshipers of stone and wood, of money and materials, of our own selves, and until we fix this we will continue to be treated as such and will continue to be the lowly of the low.

Yes, we are the Israelite Nation. We are no better than any other nation. The best of us excel in righteousness and will leave behind children that will become nation builders, teachers, and the wise amongst the world. We are gifted, the most resilient to destruction, and hated. We are like this because of the promise left to our fathers of old, who were told about all that has transpired. Yes, we are going to awaken, but before we do, 2/3rds of us are going to be slaughtered because of the hate in our hearts, and because of the lack of understanding. As it is written “My people perish for a lack of understanding”, and you my beautiful family, are in this state at the moment.

So this is an invitation to you: Drop your petty hatred of the Truth. Excel in research and seeking of the Most High’s blessing. Stop thinking that you are fearless and that you yourself are fully able to understand everything in this world and the hereafter. Humble yourself enough to know that you are not and will not EVER be fully functional in a world designed to destroy you, and know this for certain, that if you do not change, that you will perish with this world and will be punished with those that created it. This is because, through your hate, you are allowing yourself to be misled and abused into accepting the hell fire that the worst of mankind have to accept.

The Keys:

  1. There is a Creator, and there is only One – Nothing in our existence suggests that something comes from nothing. This is called a fingerprint. Literally everything in our existence points us to a creator.
  2. Guidance has been given, along with warnings – A Just Creator MUST leave an instruction manual for those that He has expectations of. To not provide, would be a death sentence. Deny them at your own peril.

Driving in a car that you don’t know how to use, moving into a direction without a goal or destination, will only find those that didn’t open their manual and map in a path leading to destruction.

  1. We are here for a purpose and there is more to this little life we are living – Heaven and Hell do exist. We do live in a bubble like cage, by which we cannot reach the limits, as that would create a panic of the world’s population and would cause those that do not believe to question their stances. It would make those that hate the Creator to hate him more for allowing them to suffer by their own hands. Finally it would allow people to accept with proof, while the Most High does not want people to accept in this way, but want them to reason into their belief through witnessing of the world as it is.
  2. There are Laws of Nature that ALL mankind must follow or suffer the consequences. This is called consequential-ism, meaning that there are consequences to every action (every action begets an equal and opposite reaction, and there are outcomes to every form of stimuli and perception). The Laws of Nature are unchanging and are programed into our existence. They only exist within our framework of existence to teach us lessons. For instance: “what goes up must come down”.
  3. The Israelites have an expectations. The 10 Commandments are a simple framework that ensures that everyone in a society is living in accordance to commonality and in Morality, supporting one another and protecting one another as a large family.

Framework of Righteous Success:

“Do unto others….”
“Do not harm”
“Do not force or coerce”
“Support and help those that are needy, that are unable to defend themselves, and do not transgress against them unjustly”

Morality – Support, Sustain, Defend: Life, Freedom, and Happiness

Do not kill. Do not enslave. Do not steal.

Justice – Punish those who violate morality within means. Do not overly punish or condemn. Do not falsely accuse.

Responsibility – Take responsibility for your actions.

If you violate morality, you cannot blame the just, and you cannot find fault with the blameless.

You have been warned and invited. I am not a religious leader, or messenger. I am a servant of Truth, of the Most High Almighty. My life, my death, my heart and soul, my dedication and purification is dedicated to the Creator of the Universe, and currently I am far from what you set up and hate of that. I am a follower of the creed of Abraham, a denier of lies. I accept what was sent down to Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, to the Patriarchs, Prophets, to Moses, Yahawasha, and Ahmad, and I do not promote any of them over one another, nor do I allow ANYTHING to reach the level of my service to the Most High.

Peace and Blessings to the believers.


The Sabbath – Purpose Redefined

I’ve been considering, the purpose of the Sabbath day for far longer than my studies on my heritage and lineage and ancestry. Maybe 10 years ago it seemed to me that the “Sabbath” day was wrapped in mystery as a religious concept. As it has been presented, the Sabbath has been deemed “Jewish” in origin and in conceptualization. Through my 10 years of intense study of the religions, it has become apparent to me that all of my assertions of the sabbath and concepts of religions are false. Not only are they false because they are shrouded in religious lore, causing the truest intentions of our merciful Creator to be convoluted, but because people, unreasonably accepting of tradition without understanding, have not sought to question their sacred cows. Today I ask you to do that.

I wish that I could spend more time on the Tanakh, Qur’an, and the “Good News”, but you can do that research yourself. Or feel free to ask question on this forum conversation. But without having gone through the entirety of the Abrahamic “Revelations” of Moses, Muhammad, and the Messiah in reference to the Sabbath, I would like to bring our attention to the 10 commandments. I want to do this because the 10 commandments envelope the Sabbath injunction, and this will ensure that we are grasping at an understanding in context to the other words that the sabbath law giving was established with. The purpose of the 10 commandments is pretty easy to grasp once you understand that they are a guideline of action for a specific nation. The two most important functions of a national law are to 1)Provide a system of values to the collective, so as to give them a unified mentality, a voice, and a specific goal. Additionally, a nation is compromised by a 2) valid agreement of action, which if violated would cause judgement, so as to keep a nation’s cultural organization strong. The 10 commandments, as they are called today do both of these things with simple and easy to follow (and to remember) rules of actions for the community. By following these rules, those within the Children of Israel were promised peace, security, and blessings.

The Rules were split into two parts, the first part ensured that the Israelites never accepted a false notion, a ruler over them, or went too far in extremes to what we call today materialism. When I say materialism, I mean it as it is understood today in the West, as the worship of anything physical, that which you expelled energy for, that which you would die for, that which a person becomes distraught for not having enough of. The first 3 commandments were given in order to maintain the presence of mind for the Israelites, and would protect them from doing actions that would spell ultimate destruction. It is a shame that it took 2000 years of struggle and oppression for us to truly grasp why this is the case, and it is even more horrifying to me that the whole world is conducting themselves in actions, whose consequences are potentially (certainly) devastating. These first 3 commandments stops the condition of immorality and vice in their tracks, by focusing on the root of the problems.The root of the problem is that we do not accept the natural laws of nature put here to govern the creation by the Almighty. Second we deny the law giver and creator of the system that we live in, thus we don’t appreciate the Earth, ourselves, our lives, or the laws that allow us to achieve successes here. The latter 7 items that are given to the Israelites are specific actions (or non-actions) which would ensure that the community was held together in tight social bonds. The commandments were a sure-fire,easy to understand, guidance for this specific group of people, but if taught or spread through the entire world would also spread peace and social love throughout communities. The Sabbath was the 4th injunction, and it is the bridge between the first 3, and the latter 6.

People always try to make things more complicated than they have to be. In religion we get men in fancy hats and fine clothes that explain to you all of the rules and guidelines that you “should” follow. They don’t let you read and interpret the text for yourselves. If you had, you would understand that the commands, the basics, the actions which will lead you to a straight path is simple and easy. People tell you that the Sabbath should be followed, some say that it shouldn’t, and many don’t have a concern to even ponder the question. But it is simple. The Sabbath should be followed by the Israelites, as it was given to us as a test, and for a blessing. It is a blessing. And for the other nations, it is not a command, but there is benefit to do it if they choose. And to the people that are not concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you warn them or teach them, they do not care. Other people will tell you to follow the Talmud! In their nonsense they do not see the problem with such a claim, and desire even still, to lead people away from the simple truth found therein. The Most High doesn’t get our benefit from doing it. It is not a religious rule. It is a ruling that ensures that families do not go neglected, that life is appreciated, that rest is had from hard work. It ensures that those who follow it take a step back from their daily material chase and give their minds time to process living. This is the blessing it was intended to do.

And Now, we go to the Sabbath Commandment:

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he stopped on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.  Exodus 20:811, Deuteronomy 5:12-14  ( Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and that the Lord your God brought you out of there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Therefore the Lord your God has commanded you to observe the Sabbath day.) Deuteronomy 5:15


The Sabbath here is simple and straight to the point. On this day, the sixth day of a 7 day week, you are not to work, and neither is anyone in your household, or those that you employ, including animals. This is a day of resting and recovering, a day of remembering the blessings of life, and a day to ponder and reflect. The rationale is given, but because of the religious concepts in people’s minds they completely miss the point of the Sabbath. The Sabbath day is NOT for the Most High. It is for us. When we work 6 days in a row, we are taken from our families and forced to do actions that do not necessarily grow the community. When we work continuously we die of exhaustion. When we neglect the emotional, social, spiritual, and physical rest needs of our bodies and loved ones, we lose our grip on reality.

Many people interpret the Sabbath to be a solid break on every activity, taking it to the extreme of not turning on lights, and other things. They make more difficult what is suppose to be a mercy. The purpose of the Sabbath, like everything that the Most High ever gave us, was to protect, grow, or satisfy us. We are suppose to take a break from working, not living, not enjoying, and not playing. I don’t even understand where that idea comes from, if not from false teachings and bogus sources (Talmud).

Essentially the sabbath ensures that we, mankind and Israelites, stop seeking the glories of this world and love the blessings we have been given our lives. To often we are distracted by this worldly life, searching for meaning in our pursuits. The Sabbath is a protection from that. It gives our minds time to pause and reflect. It gives our hearts time to take care and take things easy. It allows us to come to conclusions that would have been hidden if we did not take a break. And above all else, it gives us time be grateful, to be appreciative, of everything that the Most High Almighty has allowed  us to experience and hold onto.

The Sabbath is a time for mothers not to have to cook and clean, to take a break. The sabbath is a time where fathers do not, and should not, leave the family to go make money.This is a time for children to hug and kiss the parents, to throw a ball in the yard, and to be together.

Imagine for a second, if all of the children today had families that would sit down with them once a week and talk about life. Imagine if the overworked fathers or mothers, or both, were home just one day a week, during the day, with their children teaching them about the joy and struggles of life. Imagine a father reading a book to his son and explaining his life journeys. So few of us, men and women, Israelite and Gentile alike, do not get the education that comes from life experience from our parents. Instead we get TV and culture to show us how to live. But how is that fairing for us today?

Earlier I listed items that are problematic in our society, and things that will need to be corrected if we are going to be successful. Some of those items are the destruction of the family, the falling of society into materialism. Also, an utter lack of appreciation for the earth that we live on, and a lack of gratitude for the Creator who put us here. Now considering this for a second, let’s say that the Sabbath became commonplace, what would be the effect of the people who practiced it.

First, because everyone would take time out to build the family, and rest from work, the family system would be rebuild. With that, communities would be strengthened. Over time Clans would form and become self-sustaining supporters. The mother would see and love the father. The father would see and love the children. The cost of materials and vanities would be driven down because of less demand, but the quality of social and family interaction would go up. Over time, also, people would make Friday nights times for festivals and celebrations, allowed to recover and spend time with family the following day. Then Sundays – Day one ( I hate using those pagan titled days for the week) would be a day where the whole of the family could work on the house together, cleaning up the mess they made from the previous day of rest and lounging and being together.

The animals, the workers, and the environment would get a day from being used. We all know that proper care and proper rest, both for ourselves and equipment is useful in life durability. By taking a break on land, we give the land a rest (Sabbath also refers to rest times for pieces of lands, over periods of 7 years). Our animals would be able to recover from hard work and would be able to catch up on sun and eating.

Overall, all of the problems that we have in our social sphere of society would be creamed in a matter of a few years. With social interaction on the high, and rest a requisite of life, people would be less prone to drug addiction and alcohol. They would know that they are going to be able to rest one day a week, and to see family. They know that they are going to get a Friday night of interaction, with a seventh day of complete downtime. Progressively, our social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and physical facets of life would be rested, giving possibly more rise to our creative spirit!

I believe that practicing the 7th day of rest is the key to rebuilding communities, to rebuilding families, to sparking creativity and alleviating most of our social ills caused by materialism, overwork, and a lack of true rest. If this were combined with a society free of debt, of interest, of materialism, dedicated to a common ideal of morality, and free to have a true connection with the Creator of the Universe, that life would soon start to mimic paradise on earth.

Now, we also must remember that the Sabbath was for the Israelites only. It was a test for them, and a mercy. So, as I speak to the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, to those of the Gentiles (whether they know it or not), I do not say that they MUST follow it. But I think I have made a short case on why everyone in the world would benefit from one day of rest, and specifically, you Israelites, must recognize the blessing in this affair!

Peace and blessings.

If it so pleases the reader and if there are questions I wouldn’t mind doing work to analyze what the Messiah said in respect to the Sabbath, but I must take leave from the remainder of the “New Testament” due to personal convictions that ensure that I ignore many of the dialogue there-within. Although I will take this liberty, it is not as an insult to those that accept the “Bible” and all of it’s components, but I do not feel that an analysis of that collection of materials will change any aspect of understanding that is found in either the Law or the Good News from the Messiah. I have analyzed the Sabbath from the perspective of the Qur’an as well, but I will, as is my standard for this analysis, not include any analysis from what is know as the “Hadith” literature, just as I will not provide an acceptable analysis from the Talmud or Jewish Religious Text, nor the Pauline Doctrine and Christian orthodox understanding. Though, as I have said, I have studied this information and Material, I want to present it at another time. I feel this writing is already too verbose.

A Black Man’s Search For Identity – The Discovery of the System of Control

Bare with me as I guide you through my mind, and struggle. If you can make it passed the first section, the second will provide you with a vision of what I think is going to happen that will change the world as we know it.

Part 1 – Discovery of Identity

Part 2 – The System of Control

Part 3 – The Coming Change

Part 1

Throughout my entire life, and no doubt throughout the life of most of those who are called “Black”, I have been left in wonder about where I come from, who are my ancestors, what were they like, and how in the world did the events leading up to, through, and following slavery happened. The feelings of being lost, adrift without a connection to a past other than slavery has accosted my soul, like a great army attacking a tiny platoon. I have laid in terror, feeling that no matter what I will do, have done, or could do, that my life would be in vain. I felt that this world was a sure sign of a godless existence, a place of peril without point, a hell on earth where the Creator clearly didn’t love everyone. My soul remained in constant terror, not because it was in hell, but because I knew that the presentation of a hellish world was false and that I could clearly see all around me that there was a Creator, It was personal and an influence in my daily life. Throughout my life I did receive constant reminders of justice and retribution, of love and honor of The Most High, but yet I couldn’t fathom a world as it is today, without an answer. All my life I searched for an answer to questions. All my life I was crawling to the answers without knowing, but in a hopeful manner.

My questions were constant. Why do all the people in the world hate people with darker skin? Why did we become slaves in order to build a world of evil? If God does exist, why then is there so much evil in the world? If God is love and if he loves the Just, why are the just and loving the first to be of those destroyed by evil? Why do I not have a single clue whatsoever about who my ancestors are? Why can I not determine why it is that they deserved slavery and oppression, because from my gathering people are punished for things they have done, and slavery seemed like a most cruel and unusual punishment? Why, no matter how hard they tried, could not my slave ancestors in the Americas revolt against their masters? How could we as a people survive through such horrors, only to have to seek equality within a system not intended to offer us such fairness? Why is it that no matter how hard we try, we always destroy each other, we always pull each other down, and we are always laughed at for these actions? Who am I? What blood is in my veins? And if we are such a weak and unworthy people, why is it that those slave drivers sought my ancestors out for work that only the strong and most durable of flesh could handle? I get it, they seemed to consider them weak of mind, but strong in flesh. I don’t understand how the world couldn’t see our people as resolute, capable of surviving the worst of mankind and environment, without offering a shed of respect in that ability.

I also live a life where I remain observant to the problems facing everyone born in these times. I witness that the family unit is no longer the focus of our society, but it is the promotion of self interest, sexual activity, and the pursuits of power and material gain that are our ambition. I see a world where people no longer take breaks from their pursuits, where their children are neglected so that they can continue to make money. Today, both parents, if they even remain together, go to work and leave their children with others in order to make a living. We allow our personal seeking of power and self importance to cloud our vision about what life is really suppose to be. I see the poor, the needy, the widow, the orphan, and people of all walks of life suffering to get by. We have lost the bonds that make successful while working together. We have lost the love that unites people behind common ideals. We have become divided by ideologies, religions, and prejudices, and we are without a method of getting on track. All of these are reason why I was searching for answers. It simply cannot be this way without a solution. And because I believe that all problems have a root cause and solution, I searched.

I was not expecting the answer to come so soundly and so sharply. I had read the entire “New Testament” searching for answers, but they were not there. Honestly, though many of the passages were lessons on how to live, something always felt alien. I had no intentions of really being concerned for the “Old Testament”, because to me it was a book for the Jews. I didn’t realize that my own mind, my own resolve to attain knowledge had become weakened by utter disregard of information, due to my misunderstanding of the wisdom that I stated above. The answer to my questions thus were found in two of the sources that I least expected to find them. When, after my service in the US Marine Corps, I was forced to rethink my position on “Muslims” in the world, I was immediately required to read the Qur’an. Little to my surprise I agreed with it. After 5 years of reading and diving deeply into religious knowledge I came to one conclusion. Religion, no matter how you styled or shaped it was not something that was a fit for me. What I also learned was that I had a profound love and appreciation for The Almighty, and I had an extreme gratitude for life and the world that we live in of creation.

To many this may seem contradictory, I know, but you must understand the finer details to my argument. Believing in God doesn’t require a religion. Agreeing with the books doesn’t either. Neither does accepting that a loving and just Creator would give guidance to the Creation who are capable to understand and choose to accept the guidance. It doesn’t take away our ability to reason, rationalize, or to act in free-will. However, when you a acknowledge a Creator, and you acknowledge that guidance MAY be given, and you acknowledge that you have free will, then you must also acknowledge that you are responsible for the actions of accepting or denying all of these things, as well as accepting or denying that there will be consequences for your actions.

When I read the Qur’an, after the 10th time or so, something stood out to me that grasped at my mind and left me challenged for a fight without a weapon to respond. I was reading one day, when I noticed that the Children of Israel were described and detailed in a positive fashion, but the Jews were detailed in a negative fashion. In my mind I had always considered them one in the same, but now I was left with a perplexing question: How is this possible? I read on, and on always considering this question alone in my mind, until one day it hit me. Maybe there are being described as different because they are different. Maybe I was wrong in my assertion that the Jews are the Children of Israel. Later, all of this was confirmed, both in the Qur’an, the Old Testament, and the New. But the goal today isn’t’ to discuss the definite opinion I have and the evidence I have to present this case, but this section is about why this information is important to me.

In short, after careful study, objective analysis, and questioning nearly every thought I have ever had about myself I came to the conclusion. Not only are most of the world’s Jews of no relation to the Children of Israel (Israelites), but they are almost certainly a specific nation of people from the Caucasus mountain area (Khazaria), who were absorbed into the Russian empire by war, and later disseminated all over Europe and the world through a variety of means. The Children of Israel however were prophesied in the books to be enslaved, oppressed, to lose their identity, to lose their law and guidance, to toil in every land and to be spread like the sand of beach without knowledge of self. I learned with great hardship and personal difficulty that I was one of those Children, that DNA evidence, archaeological evidence, and the prophesies all confirm what I know now to be true. Best of all, this new information clarifies so many questions that I had of myself, of my family, the struggle of my ancestors, and the destiny of my family. It answered the questions, one day of which I may dictate to you, of the solution to many of the world’s problems, as well as to how we can rid our social mind of false ideologies of “Race” and various forms of ideological hatred. Over the past 3 years I have been researching this information intensely, reading the Torah, and the subsequent books with the desire of someone who is trying to get to know his family history. I have reread the Qur’an in this light, with the realization that the Qur’an too is speaking specifically to the Children of Israel, calling us to remember our blessing, guidance, and favor. I also am warned against the actions that cause the Children of Israel to be punished so justly, and given a crystal clear way of making amends, and repairing the breach of my ancestors. I ponder and reflect on a variety of topics and thought processes.

Part 2 Section 1

Black. African American. Niger. Nigger. Nigga. Coon.

We have been forced to accept those names, and other bywords, in order to hide our identity. We are NOT named after two continents. No other people are named after two continents, but they are named after their Nation of origin, or their tribes. Black is not the color of our skin, but the color has other connotations, which are used against us as mind control. And not all “Black” people are related, or have the same ancestry, or the same heritage, or blood running through our veins. So to label us all generically actually means that the specifics of our lives and identity do not matter in the grand scheme of the world. This is obvious when you look at the condition of the world.

We have a specific identity, an old culture and history, and we are diverse in skin tone and mental faculties. Each one of us has a bloodline, a heritage, and a land of origin that far predates the “West African” trade of peoples all over the world. And before we crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the new world (12 million in total – 4 million to South America – at least, 4 million to the Islands – at least, and ONLY 500,000 to the New World/U.S. States) we were slaves to the Arabs, Indians, Mongols, Romans, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians (Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians were “Black” at the time, so clearly skin color didn’t have anything to do with injustices or the world view then). This doesn’t even count the untold millions of Natives, some of which were “Black”, that were killed by the invaders.

And this bring me to the concept of race. Before there was a concept of “Race” there was a universal concept of “Nations”. The term Nation today is nearly the same as “country”, but in times past the concept of a Nation was tied to a history, a common ancestor, and a way of living. So, whether we like it or not, we all have a nations blood in us, and this has nothing to do with where we live or “work”.

Before Europe needed to legitimate their use and dehumanization of other peoples, the concept of race didn’t exist. When it popped up out of nowhere in the 1500-1600s it attempted to classify people according to how they looked, and skin was a primary source of that classification. The concept of race stands on the grounds that all of the people on the planet are racing to secure the scarce resources on the Earth. So instead of finding ways to make our living more sustainable, people decided that they would have a scarcity mindset and that everything important had to be controlled. So from this dehumanization, this fear of scarcity, and this willingness to dominate and control, the victors came up with a plan to maintain their hegemony over those “fools” who didn’t accept the scarcity model and those who couldn’t/wouldn’t fight back. they created a method of control. The final step to control is the renaming a people, to cause them to forget their past, and to make them accept the model (the operating system) of the captors. This ensures that the victors continue to benefit from the victims, without the victims remembering what happened to them, or what their previous ways of living benefited them.

Essentially, Europeans decided that the other “races” were weak because they didn’t have the same mindset, so they took the lands of the Natives/Naives who inhabited the lands. And when they got lands, they removed other Naives from another land because of their strength and endurance, so they would be their workers. (I’m using the word Naive for a purpose)

What a plan. What an evil. What a dastardly strategy. But when you see how well it has been orchestrated in the next Section you will not be surprised that this has happened.

So, in order to understand the mindset, situation, and issues facing these two groups, you must understand history and movements of people. You must understand the effects of historical slavery and colonization. If you want to begin to consider solutions, you must look at the actions of the few against the many, and the many’s failures to rise to self-determination.

The first step to solving any of the problems facing the world are 1) Identify who you are actually talking to and make sure that they accept who they are and what has happened (complete), and 2) make sure to identify the ROOT of the problem so you can set specific actions that will fix it.


Part 2 Section 2

The root of the problem is that the world doesn’t acknowledge the Creator. Because the world THINKS they are real worshipers already, thus they don’t see the issues with their actions. Because of this, they are connected from both a) The Personal Creator and that power of creation, as well as b) The Immutable Laws of Nature (Natural Laws) that govern both nature and the social interaction between a species. Thus, instead of Creating life, and societies through harmony with Natural Laws and each other, we have become collective destroyers. Without the knowledge or morality, right from wrong, and without the knowledge of Natural Law, we have becoming the destroyers of ourselves, the world, and the bond of society that we use to require. So, in our stay on earth we destroy the earth, we destroy the social bonds, we destroy our bodies with what we put in it, we destroy our minds with drivel entertainment, and we destroy our spirits with the denial of the frailty of our existence. Mankind pretends that we are gods on earth, thus we are going to be punished for acting in insolence. For anyone within this perspective it is clear as day.

There is, First, the legal system, which is a system of control measures. It is designed to rope you in at birth, to hold you in a matrix of control, and to keep you in your place a slave. It uses lawyers as a tool of operating in the system, giving those person that accept the Bar Association agenda, the ability to learn the legal system language. This allows them to swim the legal waters. When I mention legal waters, it is because once you enter court you are boarding a legal vessel, and you are under maritime law. This is initiated once you accept the name that is printed in ALL CAPS on their documents. Once you are part of that legal naming convention you are trap in their authority. Without agreeing to accept that name, you are not under their jurisdiction, thus not under their authority. In this system, you have to realize that you are under the sovereign Creator, the Most High, and then you are protected. Even in court, a man or woman can only serve one master. As long as you have not violated Natural Law you are in the clear and free to do what you want with your body. Just by Birth Certificate acceptance you are in their system. That is only the first way.

There is, Second, the Religious systems. These systems allow you access to social groups, and find appeasement. They make you feel like part of the whole. One of the greatest strengths, and weaknesses, of mankind is our desire to be part of the collective whole. Religions were the step to getting us to deny and drop our Blood ties, our Clans and Nations, and gave us something else that took that place. Religions were the adversaries’ ploy to get man to worship other men, and their ideas, over the Truth and the morality. With this, the leaders of those religions became our spokesman, they because our “Clan” leaders, and ultimately for most of us on the planet, our “leadership” is worshiped. The Rabbis, Sheiks, Imams, Priests, Pope, and Sages have become the intermediaries between us and our Creator. Like this, they take our power and the way that we can reach maximum power levels and divert them in collusion with the Legal system, and the governing system. By worshiping other men, systems, governments, money, and anything of the sort, is the #1 ultimate insult to your own soul, and the Creator of all things. A mind that is capable of glorifying something other than the Creator of all things is a sick mind and incapable of understanding the Creator’s might. So people say with their mouths, what is not in their hearts, thus they have become deluded and tempted away from true freedom, in the name of religion.

Then there is the Third System, the Governmental system. People, just as they want to be part of the group, see value in coordinating their action and aligning their affairs. This protects them from other groups, allows them to feel comfortable in their lands, and makes them feel like they belong to a powerful group. When the leadership emerges, they are usually given preferential treatment, and justly so, because they are seen as heroes and those of high service to the community. The government over time can become entrenched, over reaching into people’s life. When people start to allow their leaders the ability to control other people within a society, the social dynamics quickly change. In short time the leaders because the god of the country, especially when the men and women of the country do not acknowledge their Rights, which is dictated to them through morality, or the understanding of it. So, over time the leaders of countries slowly erode the memory of “rights” of men, and replace the concept of a right with allowance, or permission, license, or certificate to practice action. In this way the government, the leaders and/or the system become what the people in the country see as authoritative, and the erosion of Life, Liberty, and happiness goes with them.

Something to note here of great importance is that the legal system previously mentioned in based on the ecclesiastical system. Essentially, the ecclesiastical system is the basis and bridge of the Legal system with the religious system. The legal system, specifically your legal identity, is the bridge, even the tool of mind control, between “governments” and the law society. And the connection of the government to the religious system is social mind control. The final driving mechanism to each of these systems is the financial system. In order to get people to have an interest in the entire structure of this society, interest had to be created. People who saw no reason to have these structure – Religion, Law, Government – would flat out deny any access to their lives by those elites. Actually they would kill them because of their tyranny. So an incentive system had to be created that would give them an interest, and so came the concept of loaning money at INTEREST. This became the engine to the general slavery of peoples. This is the driving mechanism to the globalization of slavery on a systematic level.

All of this is what has happened today. This is the apex of the last hours of this system, because all of the components to transition this system are in place. That is why people are able to see the master plan. Now is the time when warners will come forward in order to try to pull the world out of the clutches of the elites who run each of these organizations.

Part 3

So how does one marry up the Root problem with the identity of the Israelites?


Sometimes it takes a single event to spark catastrophic change. Sometimes a single movement of people can topple even the most fearful structure. In the case of this world, we live in a global system of oppression that affects nearly every soul on this earth.

People who truly believe in the Creator will not fall so easily victim to the system. Because they are resolute in their love of the Creator, they will not put another authority over them. Because they love the Creator they will not accept worship of man-made laws as their religions, rather they will maintain their one, true, dedication to higher ideals. They will remain Moral, and they will see how strong that foothold is, and they will be firm in it. When the legal system comes to pursue them, they will be free of their jurisdiction. When the government comes they, again, will be free of their jurisdiction. And when the religious chastise them, they will emigrate far from them, out of reach.

So the actual way of “Coming out of her” (this evil system) my people, is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Recognize the Creator as your only Authority – This will free you from the bondage of religion, government, law, and the trap that is the economic system.
  2. Maintain Morality – Support, Protect, and Maintain the Right to life, freedom, and happiness rightfully earned.
  3. Maintain Justice and Responsibility – Enforce protection and just responses to evil, and take responsibility for your actions.
  4. Leave the Religious Systems – You can read and follow the revealed books without a hierarchy
  5. Leave the Legal System – Leave your “Legal” name out of your life. Remember, you have to claim it to be it, and they can’t prove that you are it without your consent. But under no condition violate Morality. Practice the Golden Rule.
  6. Leave the Government System – Turn away any and all benefits from the government bodies, Turn in you certificates, your SSN card/number, Your birth certificate, your licenses.
  7. Create Communities – Join with others who have done, or will do the same as you do above. Create Contracts, binding, between you all for your communal protection. Support one another.
  8. Live within Natural Law – Maintain your morality. Build your family. Do not seek power over others. Do NO Evil. Live a sustainable lifestyle. Support Plant and Animal life (care for Nature as it cares for you.
  9. Maintain Health – Sustain your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and social well being.
  10. Protect Life – When the time comes, and it may, that you have to fight for the rights of your community, or yourself, and of your own way of living do it! Have contingencies ready for when the time comes.
  11. Share with the Needy – Give to the poor, the needy, the sick and lame, the elderly, and the orphan. Help those that are seeking a better life come out of the evil system. Protect those who cannot fight from the tyrannical and oppressive.
  12. Return to the commandments – For the Israelites, they must return to the agreement with their fathers of old and the Most High.

When the Israelites realize their heritage and the promise of truth waiting for them, some of us will return to the right path.The Truthful believers are either walking the path now, or are close because they are searching for it. And as the promise of Allah/YahWah is Truth, they will find it. They will definitely be the victors in this world, and if any of them who are sincere try and fail, may the Most High forgive them of their shortcomings!

But something must be done.

When those that say they are “Believers” see the retribution of the country, the world, the entire earth revolt against them, they will realize the fallacies of their ways.  Many will not. Many will continue like everything is normal. And the evil people, because some of them know what is coming, are just going to laugh it off and try to get you to keep on the evil course. The motto for those men will be in that day “Well, my life is going to end bad, so what do I care about yours”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not the Creator, He has not given me vision of your eventual demise. I do not know the future, or even the true effects of the current affairs. I only say what is apparent to me, and I call it out. I am a man like you, I get no money or power from saying these things, and believe me they are laborious to write, think, and speak. You make up your own mind about your actions, and I’ll keep making mine. But these are what things I’m seeing.

Those who do not return to the right path will be of these kinds:

  1. Atheist. Deniers of revelation. Utter and complete disbelievers in any Creator.
  2. Trinitarian Christians, not all but a GREAT many.
  3. Israelites who accept their heritage, but will not leave the worship of the Messiah, or those who stay in Christianity.
  4. Israelites who deny their heritage in order to maintain their Christianity.
  5. Those who follow religions created by men (Sunnah/Hadith following “Muslims”) and (Talmudic Following Jews), trading the revelations of the Most High for the opinions of men.
  6. Those who completely deny a Day of Judgement
  7. Those who invite to injustice, immorality
  8. Those who are Tyrants and Oppressors over mankind
  9. Those who change the meaning of the scriptures with their hands and say it is from the Most High
  10. Those who, when they have a chance, deny support to the orphan, the widow, elderly, or to those that cannot help themselves. (good deeds)

These types of people are the ones that should be fearful if the system does come crashing down.

I’m not picking on Christians here without a purpose. I don’t care what you/they do. That is entirely up to you. The issue is that you cannot accept that you are an Israelite or believer and then not follow the commands. If you worship “Jesus” or the “Messiah” by any name at all you violate the first 3 commandments. You also violate his own words to you in the Good News. If you do not accept that you are an Israelite, then you will not find any reason to give up your religion, and you will not change your condition. If you claim, any of you, that a man can be the Creator, or the son of the Creator, then you are deluded. Claiming a “Trinity” is despise and wicked, but you just don’t get the big picture. The whole strategic purpose of Christianity was to blend the truth with the false. This is what will lead most of our people to a painful retribution and no mercy.

Most Muslims (they may not have a clue who they are) already follow monotheism. They are however practicing on a day-to-day basis, things that violate the Qur’an.  So, from the perspective given here, whether they are acceptors or deniers of the “Israelite” monicker, they are doing exactly what they are suppose to do. Even if they are completely ignorant to the Israelite topic, they are likely living the right basic ideals. My strongest criticism for those brothers would be to completely leave the religious circles, to read the Qur’an and to completely deny the Hadith and the “Sunnah”. They don’t realize this, but the hadith is hearsay of people who make claims about Muhammad AFTER he passed away. By following the hadith, you are turning away from the Qur’an. The Qur’an explicitly states this many times, but people fail to read it.

Those who deny the Creator, or the judgement, or a world to come, those who do not support good actions will look for no reason to change their ways. Their ways seem pleasing to them, and they are content with the life that the world has provided them. Ultimately the Creator has given them this life to enjoy for a short while, but overall they are just squandering their lives away for a petty few years of evil living. They do not believe, conceive, or have certainty that there is anything but this life. They don’t realize, though many of them are engaged in science, that every action has a reaction, that everything is an outcome of something. Even the actions that they do behind closed doors, even what they think and feel in their hearts, are things that will manifest a response. If they took a minute to ponder on the fact that they are alive now, but that there was a time before their very memories, maybe they will come to conclude that it is only fitting that there is a time ahead of them that they cannot see.

The only way for the soul to be prepared for what is to come later, is to do so now. Luckily for those that believe, truly believe, this is easy because we have guidance and set conditions to maintain.

Over all the gross injustice leading both Israelites and the entire world to damnation are the religions, Legalese, the economic/financial institutions, and governmental leaders of the world who are maintaining this system with those basic pillars.

Once that path is laid straight, those who are controlling the Religious systems of control (Vatican, Islamic Scholars, and Jewish Elites) will crumble from the harsh reality that is painted. Without control, because they will be seen as liars, their mechanisms of control with fall.

Once a path is laid straight, those who control governments are going to realize their frailties. Once the people realize the corrupt nature of the system, the control methods will fail, and their reality will come lowly to the ground.

Once the legal system is recognized for what it is, and the path is ablaze, the whole world will revolt against that authority.

And finally, once the world realize WHO is behind the financial interest based system, and HOW that system was the driving force behind the evil of the world, the entire group of those evil people, and their ideology will be crushed.

People say that the Most High was unjust in his promise that the Israelites are chosen, but they fail to see the wisdom. We were chosen to learn the hard lesson of bondage to men. We were chosen to suffer the worst under a system of oppression and money for interest. We were chosen to feel the effects and the mental horror that comes from not being connected to the past, or to have hope for the future. We were chosen to grope around in the morning, day, and night looking for rest and comfort in lands that feel foreign to our very souls. Thus, we were chosen (matter of opinions and from the things in my heart) to be a catalyst for change, to be those who would survive the worst of human destructiveness in order to prevent it from happening again. We were chosen to erect a system dedicated completely to the Most High, without a religious elite. We were chosen to make Allah/Yahawah the KING OF KINGS!

The Israelites were Chosen, but not because they are more righteous, and not because they/we are suppose to be the only people that make it to a heavenly existence, but because we will be used as a catalyst of Global change. This was a promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Ishmael too received his promise and the outcome of that was the Quran and the few who truly follow it. In our remembrance of identity and the Creator, we will become the teachers of righteous, as it was meant to be. We will be the foremost to support a new system, one dedicated to the Most High, where no man will have rule over another man.

I assure you, If the Most High Almighty Wills, that the next system will not be the same at all. World peace will reign on earth. The Israelites, if I have anything to do with the leadership of us, will be a Nation of Kings and Queens, who hold authority for themselves, but take responsibility for the entire world’s condition. We will not ever let what happen to us as a nation (death, theft, and enslavement) happen to another group of people as long as we stand. Never will we ever support the unjust, the tyrants, or the oppressors. Those who seek the face of the Creator, those who want a place of peace and morality will be able to find it with us. We will move about all through the world, teaching how we set up our Nation, how we educate, how we worship without religions, and how we maintain our social bonds in peace. We will protect anyone who is dedicated to the Most High’s Laws, any who are seeking honest support for their needy, and anyone who swears to support us in the same. We will never lend for interest, we will not setup a colonial force, and we will train tirelessly in order to maintain a system of sustainment, of abundance, and of innovation for times to come.

I’ve prayed, fasted, dedicated my whole being to this ideal if Allah/ YaHaWah allows me to see this vision through. He is the best of planners, and I am just a humble servant with a desire to please…………. but my own heart may be led astray and I may be wrong. It is so, I seek your forgiveness for my mistakes, and I seek refuge in the Most High Almighty from my vanity, the world of evil, and the persecution of the Adversary.

Peace and blessings.

What I Stand For, Who I am

To the people who think I am “Religious”. I want to clarify and fix your assumptions and to offer you an understanding.

Do I expect you to actually read this? Nope.

Do I think people will all get this? Nope.

But I challenge you anyway. And if you feel that something is wrong, correct me.

I value Morality, Justice and Responsibility. I seek to motivate, inspire, and dedicate my time to others who need help and who need a friend. My life, death, heart, and soul, my dedication and purification is to give honor to that which Created me, and the world, and is Most High above the Creation. I do not care about how people judge me, nor do I have a concern to be their judging official. I don’t care about artificial materials of the world, but I find certain comforts in the pursuits and the lack of want that triumph and hard work brings.

When I define “Religion” I am speaking to anything that has an organization, a doctrine, a dogma, a specific set of rules created by men or women, a hierarchy of power, and rites of passage or trials of initiation. In this way, the worship of governments, any other god by ONE Creator, any common religion, materialism, or the worship of money, to me is either a religion or can be treated as religion if they cannot be questioned. Anything that forces people to follow it, compels it, or is aggressive to those that have not shown that group aggression is part of a religion, or wants to be. In this way Science – Scientism – is also a religion, because it has all of these things, it is “unquestionable, and assumed to be the correct and only format to verify “truth” (little t).

Money, governments, religions, fancy men in fancy hats, principles and values can all be “gods”, and many people worship these things as God without knowing. Additionally, people don’t realize that they are in fact worshiping something, though they are. When you struggle and kill yourself to receive something that is your god (money, drugs, alcohol). When you idolize some ideal or some goal, and that ideal becomes the purpose of your life, your focus, it is your god (ambitions). If someone becomes your idol, if they become the focus of your life, if you follow them or model yourself after them, then they are you god (celebrities, politicians, children, spouses…etc). Anything that causes you to lose focus on the purpose of life, and did not give you life is your god. And if you take your opinions to be Truth in and of themselves, if you are not empathetic to others, and if you goal in life because to solely sustain yourself and power, you have become your own little god, or you worship power and life itself as god. In this way, people can be Pagans (worshiping multiple gods) because they can worship all of these things collectively, and never really understand Power that put them there in the first place. Even “Atheist” can be materialist, power hungry, egoistic creatures, thus they themselves are not without a god.

Just simply denying a Singular Creative entity does not make you a “A – Theist”. You still have a deity, you are just too confounded in that deity to realize it.

My opinion on the matter is not a sharp objection to individuals with ideals, beliefs, or conviction AT ALL. My objection is the social manipulation that occurs when “leaders” force their opinions on the masses for personal gain. People have the right to belief as they feel, to act in accordance to those beliefs, and when they act against the rights of others, they will receive retribution for it. Period.

The principles of morality, from my studies and focus are easy to grasp. First, do not harm. This is the Golden rule. This is also known as the Non-aggression principle.Second, in social settings, we are to find the “Universally Applicable Behavior”, or the thing that if everyone were to practice, then we would all grow and live free lives. Third, we should respect, fight for the right for other, and protect, Life, Liberty, and the enjoyment of fruits of your labor (happiness). I believe that anyone who violates these three items shows contempt for life and is not “good”, no matter what the world calls them, or what their position of rank is. Anyone who is the aggressor, anyone who Kills, Steals, or Enslaves, and anyone who seek power and dominance OVER people, is in my humble mind, An Evil person. Period.

Just for some general clarification on points. I do believe in a Creative force, I do associate that force with the concept known as “God” in modern English religious lexicon. I do however make a distinction from, and hardly use the title “God” because it can be misunderstood by anyone to be what they envision in their minds as a god, which can be false or in disagreement with my own understanding. I do accept the Law of Moses, I do accept that there was a Messiah who came to correct the actions of the Children of Israel, and I do accept the Qur’an in its totality. I do not however accept any aspect of a religious association, nor do I accept the idea that another man or group of men are intermediaries between myself and the Creator. Personally I have no issues with using the word “Allah” as I am aware that it means “The Oneness” in Arabic, and it appears as a title to me of the Most High. I also accept the word name “YahWah” in Hebrew, as it is the most appropriate personal name of the Most High, and is a name very specific to those who are of the Children of Israel. I do also accept the words of the Messiah, however I do not accept him as “god” or the “son of god”, or as any different than the other Messengers and Prophets, though I recognize that he was certainly guided, special in his connection to the Most High, and a mercy to the Children of Israel. I do not accept a concept of a trinity, and I am fully aware of how that concept is borrowed from more esoteric and pagan traditions of philosophical thinking from ancient times. I believe as well that the messiah was only sent to the Children of Israel, however his words are also easily a mercy for all people, and all people are taught through his words the Truth. Within the Qur’an and within the “Bible” are statements that support everything that I have stated above, and I will hold these truths to be fact until proven otherwise. I wholeheartedly believe that I, and I alone, am responsible for my actions in this world, and that I will have to deal with the consequences of my effect on others, myself, and the environment around me. It is for this reason that I am very cautious of what information I hold sacred, as it is a person’s internal acceptance, their core beliefs, that determines their actions and the outcomes of their lives. It is thus, that I have to sit back, think, and analyze all information that may have an effect on me as a man, with a family, within a world of allies and foes.

In order to come to strong, but fluid, understanding of things that are important to my life, I do not take any information for granted, and those things that deserve my attention get it with intensity, until it is determined that I have understood the lessons I need to have learned. Even after I feel as though my personal views are in line with Truth, after some time without worrying about it, I always end up coming back to the question and look at it from a new perspective. As an individual, I have to make decisions from convictions. I have to challenge everything that most people hold sacred and true.

This method of thinking has brought me to profound conclusions about the state of the world. It has allowed me the opportunity to answer personal questions to and of myself, questions that I have held deep in my soul from my earliest moments of cognition. This way of thinking has also uncovered information that has put my mind into spellbound conditions, having so totally confounded my heart, that it left me puzzled for months on end. What seemed complex and convoluted in the past, today seems simple and resolute. What others have not allowed themselves to fathom, I have both considered and found unwanted, or have pushed me to relish in the world changing revelations. This is not something that I am saying to promote myself in any way, but a testament to the wisdom of being able to question ideas, to judge concepts by the evidence presented of valuable information, and to inform you – the Reader that you do not have to accept long held traditional views just because millions or billions of other people have before you.

I am sure that some more context is needed. If you have read this far, then you will understand some of my conclusions about religions and about my personal foundations of understanding in reference to our focus on The Most High. If something I have said thus far causes you to distrust my analysis, please disregard it. However, remember that it is the sign of an intelligent person when they are able to reflect and consider an argument presented by someone else without immediately denying it, accepting it, or becoming defensive over it. So I do invite you to seek to understand my standpoint before passing judgement.

To many this may seem contradictory, I know, but you must understand the finer details to my argument. Believing in God doesn’t require a religion. Agreeing with the books doesn’t either. Neither does accepting that a loving and just Creator would give guidance to the Creation who are capable to understand and choose to accept the guidance. It doesn’t take away our ability to reason, rationalize, or to act in free-will. However, when you a acknowledge a Creator, and you acknowledge that guidance MAY be given, and you acknowledge that you have free will, then you must also acknowledge that you are responsible for the actions of accepting or denying all of these things, as well as accepting or denying that there will be consequences for your actions.

So, at the end of the Day, I have no religion. But if you had to classify it as a religion, I would call it Love. I love the Creator, and the world that is here for us to enjoy. I love children, animals, plants, and the natural world. I love all the loving and non-evil good people. I love those who try and do the right things. And all of the things that I do not love, well, don’t deserve it, because they themselves are not loving. Rather they are tyrants and evil mockeries of the potential of love.

Peace and Blessings.

Happiness and Success

Here is some advice on seeking happiness and success………………

Try not to focus on the end result, but allow yourself to enjoy the fact that you are creeping up on a goal, while becoming a better version of yourself. This will ensure that you have positive friends around you, a positive mental attitude, and a positive set of circumstances that will pull you through the hard times.


The biggest mistakes people make while trying to be “happy” are three:

1) They delay their happiness today in order to get happiness when they are done with a goal. This makes them miserable while going after the goal, and bored once they get to it.
2) They are not grateful for the life that they are currently living, thus they push away any person or thing that gives them pleasure and happiness in the short term. Instead of giving love and honor to what they have, they trash what they have in order to trade up. Most often, what we trade up for becomes the thing we hate once we get it.
3) They focus on a goal that was not what they really wanted in the first place. When people do this, they are trying to please other people instead of pleasing their own souls. So when they do, resentment and pain becomes their reality, so even if they achieve that “goal” they never truly make anything of it. That happens because that is not what they wanted.

So here is my advice:

1) Enjoy the journey you are on, and make sure all your actions are things you feel are important and what you want to do.
2) Set goals that you truly want, and things that you truly want to work towards.
3) Get rid of anyone or anything that makes it hard to achieve what you are going for. I’m not saying to get rid of people who question you, or warn you. Sometimes they provide a good seed of information that you can use. I’m talking about people who are destroyers of good.

Ask Yourself The Hard Questions

I’m an extremely outgoing person and I love to meet new people. Actually I make it a test to meet one new person a day. Something that has come up in conversations recently, which boggles my mind, is how people are capable of “doing” something without truly understanding why they are doing it, or the impact to their lives after the fact. I don’t normally say anything about it, but I do become puzzled when a person discusses with me their ideals, or the things that they do. In each case I sit back in a listening state, and just contemplate what their saying.

At the end of the conversation I am usually left with a question: “why do you do this?” Unfortunately, I hardly receive an answer.

In all of my personal affairs I try to relate my current actions to a bigger picture. I ensure that each of my daily actions are calibrated to some target I have, or to my grand purpose. I have determined my grand goal, I have determined the micro steps to getting to that point, and I have decided on what values I will stand upon. These things make it for me to see the fullness of my environment, allow me to shape a vision of an ideal, and it makes the focus of my life the horizon of my dreams. If there is something that I need to know in order to accomplish my goals, I seek it. If there is something I need to do, sometimes with a lot of procrastination, I do it.

In this process I have found that it is hard to define yourself, to polish your vision. I find that it requires courage to step out into the world, to undress yourself spiritually and emotionally, exposing your flaws and weakness in order to improve. I find that it requires a will and a determination to better oneself that keeps a person moving toward their dreams.

There are somethings that I constantly remind myself, which I think will help some of you who are in a discovery or rediscovery stage in your lives. I find myself thinking them often, sometimes even thinking of these things when I lay in bed at night while I’m planning my next day.

  • If you do not have a concrete answer for the things you are doing, then you should not be doing them.

Why would you want to waste a single breath, a single moment, as single action if it doesn’t serve your purpose or ideals. Every time we do this we destroy a little authentic piece of our souls.

Instead of “going with the flow” step out of the flow and look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Try to determine the root of the problem. Try to determine the ideals of a person’s actions. Try to determine an answer to why, you yourself, are doing things that you are. I’m certain that doing this will illuminate your understanding of your surroundings.

  • If your answer is “well, this is what everyone else does”, then you must admit that you are a cultural slave.

We all talk about how everyone is special. If this is the case then why do we all crave to be “normal”. Actually, I don’t believe that we do, but I do believe that we settle for less because we don’t have faith in ourselves. We forget about how unique we each are and we act as if “normal” people are safe and secure. That is not the case at all! In order to be save and normal you have to live within the dreams of another person. In every case and for all intents and purposes, anyone who doesn’t have the power to self-determine is a slave.

Instead of being a slave to your situation, take a step back from your actions and determine for yourself what you “purpose” of life is. Dig deep and find out what awesome skills or talents you have. When you are thinking and doubt and restrictions pop into your mind, kill them with a mental bullet of happiness. Think of how great your life would be IF you were to achieve your wildest dreams. And then finally believe in yourself, and ACT with purpose.

  • If your answer is “I believe this to be true”, then you must be willing to bring forth your evidence (even if the other doesn’t accept the sources).

A belief is a subjective acceptance of a reality that has not yet been proven, or something accepted as truth. A “Belief” is not necessarily true, as it doesn’t reflect a full grasp and appreciation of an event. Thinking something is a way, and knowing are two completely different things. Those who stand on the stage of knowledge, of certainty, do not have to belief, because they KNOW. And knowing is supported by evidence.

With all that said, a person cannot lead a horse to a book and expect them to come away with a “knowing”. Likewise a person cannot teach a person who doesn’t want to be taught. No matter what we do, we must be willing to share what we have come to know with the world, and we must share the method of our discovery.

In order for us to really learn a thing, or to come to certainty, we must be willing to drop all of our accepted notions and consider a new approach. We must slay our golden calves in order to attain access to understanding.

So, while you still have the chance to rediscover yourself, take a step back from your reality. Suspend your ideas, beliefs, and accepted concepts in order to learn some new concept. Allow yourself to question everything, the root of things, the essence of things, so that you will be given understanding. This will open you up to new possibilities, which will come in a wave of new informational sources to guzzle.

  • If your answer is “This is what my parents do”, then you must consider that maybe your parents were wrong, and perhaps they should have given you a better answer. 

We can look back into our historical past and take note of people who did incredible injustices to other humans, and we can also see that they thought they were justified and correct in their actions. We may now see an act as blatantly immoral, when in the past people thought that they were both moral and righteous for doing them. Just because a group of people, or a single person, may have done a thing in the past, doesn’t mean for a single second that the action was “right” or “correct”. The Mob mentality is a true concept, and when you have a mob incapable of understanding the essence of morality, the actions of immorality are probable.

Just for the record, morality in my simple definition, is any action that is not only good for one person, but if scaled to all humanity would be best for the growth of the human species. I am speaking about Respect of Life, Respect of Liberty, and the Respect of a persons right to what they earn ethically. This means that we must fight for the Life of other, The Freedom of others, as well as their right to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Simply put, morality is the Respect, Appreciation, of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuits of one’s happiness, without the threat of coercion, with the acceptance of a every person’s right to those things.

We must realize that those of the past, those we idolize, were humans just like us, and like us they were just following their parents, and they were following theirs, and so and into infinity. The only people who really change the direction and flow of affairs of humankind, were those willing to step outside the traditions, those analyzed their thoughts and actions, and those that changed when new information was presented.

If you are in the habit of just “doing” whatever you are told to do, or just following the crowd of society as they walk off the imaginary cliff of cultural abyss, STOP! Just stop and see for yourself the effects of those people’s actions. Stop and pay attention to what you are doing and how you can do better. It is immensely important that all those who are capable of making the world a better place try to. That means that at some point we are going to have to change what we do, and how we do things so that we can find solutions to what is currently plaguing us as humanity.

Too many of us walk around like zombies, without thinking about what we do, say, and feel. We act like “fitting” in is a great thing, and we act like people will love us more if we do! This is hogwash.

The people that love you will love you for defining yourself further, for determining who and what you are, and for making your dreams come true. They will love you whether you question your traditions, your beliefs, or you ideals.

People who do not love you, whether they say they do or not, will turn their backs on you as soon as you do something that is “weird” anyway. Sometimes your biggest enemies are people close to you. Those are the ones who hold you back from stepping into the light out of the darkness that they share with you. True enemies pose as friends, and then lead you to destruction.

This is why we MUST stop aimlessly walking around doing what everyone else does. We have to stop using their excuses. We have to start thinking about who we are, what we belief, and how we feel about things. We must start to define ourselves and continue to search for truth. We must stop trying to “Fit in”, because fitting in will lead you to dying BASIC without ever achieving anything. We must be responsible for our actions, and we have to act within knowledge!

Success comes with courage and the will to be fully you. It comes when you are in sync with the natural flow of your calling. Being totally unafraid to do the hard things, or standing out, is the only way to truly do something that will make an impact in another person’s life.

About Time

I think it is about time for me to redo this blog and start writing on it again. It would be extremely hard for any of you to go back in time and read what I use to write, but it shouldn’t be. Since I am probably my biggest reader, I’m essentially doing it for my personal benefit as well. I have to go back in time and read what I was writing, and then I need to leave little notes on them saying which I disagree with, which I don’t, or provide some contextual clarity (if I can remember).

Now, overall things are going great. The book is published on Amazon, awaiting paperback review, and prepared for an audio reading. Tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby. I’m working a job that gives me the challenge I desire and I’m learning new things. The thoughts on the Senate Campaign are getting more clear. And finally the thoughts on where I want to live and how I want to build a tight-knit community seem to be taking off.

In general I think you are going to want to be paying close attention to this here blog. You never know how it is going to affect your day. 🙂

You Are A Diamond

I have finally published my first book, and today I made sure to upload it with the Epilogue. I hope you like it and enjoy! Below is the link, as well as a short snippet for your interest! Enjoy.

Peace and Blessings!

“You become the best version of yourself when you step up and act in accordance to your soul’s deepest yearnings. You do not become great by tearing others down. You become a diamond, a ray of hope to those around you, when you dedicate yourself to a higher purpose. When you give all that you’ve got in order to allow others the same opportunity, then you are a super hero. The world needs people to follow their dreams in order to inspire the rest of us to go with our passion and give all that we’ve got.”